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At the heart of the Dark Mountain Project is the desire to create a home for writing that matters. You can order back issues through this shop - or set up a subscription to get each new book as soon as it is published, and pay a bit less than you would elsewhere.

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E-BOOKS: We don't produce e-books: this blog post explains why not. But we now offer PDF downloads of our anthologies for those who want a digital copy. They’re available on a pay-what-you-can basis – look for the link at the bottom of the individual book pages.

NORTH AMERICAN READERS: We now have a US distributor for our books: Click on this link to visit their online shop.

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UNCIVILISED MUSIC: Four years ago, when the Dark Mountain Project launched as a radical literary venture, it’s safe to say that putting together a vinyl compilation album was not one of the things necessarily envisaged. But life is full of interesting surprises.