Telling the Bees – Untie the Wind (CD album)

Telling the Bees – Untie the Wind (CD album)

Telling the Bees
Untie the Wind (CD album)

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Telling the Bees are an innovative acoustic band making a unique and original music they call darkly crafted folk. They met in 2007 at Oxford's legendary Catweazle Club, and have released two acclaimed albums, Untie the Wind and An English Arcanum. In 2011 they expanded to the current five-piece line-up and are currently working towards a new release.

 'There really isn’t any other band that sounds like them…when they usher you into their verdant world you won’t want to leave…a mesmeric journey'
Spiral Earth


Taking their inspiration from folklore, landscape, psychedelia, paganism, and the politics of protest, Telling the Bees mix driving songs and tune-sets with haunting ballads. Intelligent lyrics, exotic rhythms and modes, and instruments as varied as fiddle, mandolin, cello, double bass, concertina, stomp box and English bagpipes are brought together in skilful arrangements, wild at times, gentle at others. With a powerful sound, Telling the Bees conjure vivid images, as crafted, rugged and graceful as a woodcut.

'A satisfying blend of the folkloric and the political…strange and beautiful'
BBC Radio 2

Live, they mix effortless musicianship with a rare emotional honesty to create an intimate and intense audience experience. With skills honed as much from busking on the streets of Britain and Europe as from playing on the big stage, Telling the Bees are seasoned performers. Their shows have been described as 'properly bardic'.

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