Billy Bottle and The Multiple – Unrecorded Beam (CD album)

Billy Bottle and The Multiple – Unrecorded Beam (CD album)

Billy Bottle and The Multiple
Unrecorded Beam (CD album)

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"Henry David Thoreau's poems provide the lyrical content for these vigorous and unequivocally hip compositions" - All About Jazz

"Thoreau is our poet, of course, but I can’t help but catch in the musical mood snatches of Snarks and Ancient Mariners, or hear Billy’s spoken introductions in the bookending numbers as Shakespearean soliloquies" - Neil Saunders

"Brilliant" - Robert Wyatt

Billed as a 'Transformation Suite', Unrecorded Beam deals directly with the myth of separation from Nature through the early poetry of transcendentalist and ecologist, Thoreau. This mini-epic plots a journey from celebration and wonder of the natural world, through industrial unsettlement to the realisation of man's frailty and humility.

Burrowing in the depths of Devon, England,  Billy Bottle ran away from the circus to work with Canterbury organ figurehead, Caravan's Dave Sinclair. Pianist for Mike Westbrook's Big Band, Billy blends a hint of Canterbury-scene with jazz and folk. The album connotes nostalgia and whimsy, whilst pushing the experimental/free improvisational boundaries; warranting its release with the longstanding avant-garde label, Leo Records.

Produced by Lee Fletcher of Unsung Productions, Unrecorded Beam has been adorned with Fletcher's distinctive approach, creating an enchanting and ethereal soundscape - suitably complimenting Thoreau's evocative landscapes. Billy Bottle & The Multiple have re-created and re-addressed the concept of a concept album - an odyssey defying all odds!

The band played the first and second Uncivilisation festivals.

Billy Bottle: voice, grand piano, electric piano, Hammond organ, bass guitar

Martine Waltier: voice, violin

Roz Harding: alto sax, soprano sax

Vivien Goodwin-Darke: flute

Angus Menter: trombone

Mike Outram: bass guitar

Gary Evans: drums

Lee Fletcher: virtual pipe organ, virtual guitar, soundscapes

Kate Westbrook: Guest voice

Jay Darlington: Guest organ

Markus Reuter: Guest touch guitar

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