52 Flowers That Shook My World – by Charlotte Du Cann

52 Flowers That Shook My World – by Charlotte Du Cann

52 Flowers That Shook My World
by Charlotte Du Cann

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The story of an inquiry, a sea change, a path of flowers, a return journey …

In 1991 Charlotte Du Cann leaves a fashionable London life and goes on the road. Her decision to break free has been influenced by the appearance of a flower, known as Mexican wormseed. Later she begins an exploration into the language of plants that changes her direction – and the territory she travels through – completely. The plants come in dreams, in visions, in medicine ways and myths, in the legacy of writers, and, as she follows their track, crossing the thorny deserts of Arizona and the flowering wastelands of England, they call her back to the heartland, back to the shore where the sea-kale grows, to restore a world where nature and beauty are at the centre of life. And most of all the flowers call her to return to herself, someone who loved to be light and at liberty, an independent female being at home on the Earth.

From the Oxford Botanical Garden to the streets of Mexico City, from encounters with power plants and people to history and ancestral trees, this is the story of a search for a reconnection with nature and human liberation that speaks urgently of the future.

Charlotte Du Cann came to the second Uncivilisation festival to cover it for The Independent and ended up becoming a core member of the Dark Mountain team as an art editor, member of the editorial board and running Dark Mountain's distribution centre from her home in Suffolk.

Originally published by Two Ravens Press